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Junior Section Aims & Objectives


  • To ensure our junior teams reach the highest standard of cricket within the relevant league structure.

  • To establish a leading programme of junior cricket player development.

  • To promote youth development to serve the current and future playing strength of Cowbridge Cricket Club.

  • To select a well-balanced side at all times.

  • To create an inclusive environment, where everyone is welcome and can develop at their own speed, without fear or pressure to perform.

  • To uphold the “spirit of cricket” and “CCC club code of conduct”.

Key Results

  • A strong and growing section of young cricketers with the confidence to continue playing cricket.

  • The development of the capabilities and talents of each individual player, so that they can:

    • Contribute effectively to the team.

    • Feel confident in playing amongst their peer group and

    • Maximise their personal potential.

Advice & Guidance

Junior Section Information


Important Information


Equipment Advice


Selection Policy


The Rules


Match Etiquette

Frequently Asked Questions

How are squads and coaches organised?

Age group squads have a large number of players who are all at different stages of cricket development. In order to run things in an efficient way, the following organisational structure is in place:-

Team Manager – Overall coordination responsibilities for the squad including organising and confirming matches, communicating team selections, co-ordinating kit and special events, managing communication channel groups, such as WhatsApp.


Team Coaches – ECB Qualified Coaches who run training sessions, officiate at matches, select the teams and are First Aiders.


Parent Volunteers – Assist at training sessions, score matches, write match reports.


In addition, the club has a Junior Section Chairman who oversees all junior age groups, and a Club Safeguarding Officer, who has overall responsibility for welfare.

When are the training sessions?

Training sessions usually take place on Thursday evenings throughout the summer. Please check out our club calendar for more information.

What if I can't get my child to the training session on a regular basis?

Juggling work and other family commitments can be tough. Our first suggestion would be to see if you can organise travel with a fellow parent. If this is not possible then please speak with your Team Manager who will see what else can be done to help.

My child is super keen on cricket, do you have additional training that they can take advantage of?

At this age, the more time your child can spend practising the better! Many of the coaches have children at the club and can often be found in the nets at the weekend.

Please ask your coach about your child and what they could be working on. You may find they are happy to have you come along at the weekend and join in with them. 

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