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Fielding Points

Everyone Fields and is a skill that needs to be practiced regularly.

Field as a team and create pressure on the batsman.

Opportunity to take a wicket

  • Prepare: Practice all fielding skills. Catching, Throwing, Footwork, Diving etc. to increase repeatability. Practice in high Performance is always done to match game performance. Increasing awareness and decision making is crucial and in cricket switching on in the field at the correct time to either walk in, take a catch, get in a good position or back up is crucial.

  • Intensity: Encourage each other with concentration at every ball. Intensity as a team creates pressure on the batsman. Support the bowler

  • Catch: Large Catching Area and Balanced

  • Attack: Move to the line of the ball, Get low and take the ball early.

  • Throw: Establish base in line with the target. Body drives toward target and release. Complete throw and follow through.

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