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Scorer Training - Junior Matches

If you'd like to help out with a junior team this summer and learn how to score using the Play Cricket App, then this is the course for you!

In one and a half hours, we'll cover the basics of the Play Cricket Scorer App including:

  1. Pre-match prep

  2. Set-up of teams on the day

  3. Setting the rules

  4. Scoring ball-by-ball

  5. Corrections and fixes

  6. Closing an innings and a match

  7. Uploading the results

The course will take place at Cowbridge Cricket Club on Monday 1st April at 10am

It's open to all at Cowbridge Cricket Club. Register for the course here:

More about Play Cricket Scorer

Play Cricket is a popular electronic scoring system widely used in cricket leagues and clubs. It offers a user-friendly interface for recording detailed statistics and scoring matches in real time. The Play Cricket Scorer app, designed for tablets and mobile devices, provides an efficient and convenient way for scorers to capture ball-by-ball action, track player performances, and generate live scores for online viewing.

This digital platform not only simplifies the scoring process but also ensures the accuracy and accessibility of match data for players, fans, and administrators. With features such as easy input for runs, wickets, and extras, the ability to track player statistics, and the option to instantly upload scores to the Play Cricket website, the Play Cricket Scorer app has become an invaluable tool for cricket scoring at all levels of the game.

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